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Maths Clues is the best 1-on-1 live-class platform to prepare your kids for IIT JEE, Maths Olympiad, and SAT exams

Your kids can perform 10x times better than they’ve ever done. It’s all about meeting the right tutors with the right methods who can motivate your child to go the extra mile. At Maths Clues, we instil maths as a life skill rather than a mere school assignment. We do not only teach; we mentor your kids to channel their energy in the right direction. Additionally, our Maths live classes are 1-on-1 interactive sessions. This fosters a profound tutor-student relationship that encourages your child to grow.









The Why, not just the What

Sadly, many students only know facts as told by their tutors—maths formulas, methods, etc. But at Maths Clues, we teach by helping them understand why these things are, and why they work the way they do. This prompts them to think analytically, discovering the right approach to solving unique maths problems.

How our live maths classes work

1-on-1 interactive live sessions

No group classes. This ensures your child gets undivided attention from their tutor. They also learn actively through interaction rather than watching a recording.

Personalized maths class

Your child gets the exact help they need when they need it because we tailor their maths program according to their skill, time, and learning pace.

Clarity through visualization

Tutors visualize mathematical concepts using instruments and graphics, giving your child an in-depth understanding of these concepts.

Prime focus on competitive exams

If you’re looking for an online maths class to prepare your kids for highly competitive exams like IIT JEE and SAT, think Maths Clues.

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Do you see your kids as future IITians? Yes, we all do!

It’s in your hands to help them achieve that. Join our unique Build IITian Program from Grade V1 onwards to give your child valuable skills to make you proud.

Nurture your kids through our unique 4-Diemension Development

Concept Building
Application on Real World Problems
Accuracy Level & Speed
Our maths curriculum entirely complies with Cambridge Assessment and Common Core International Standards

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Nurture your kids through our unique 4-Diemension Development

Concept Building

Our trained tutors give your child in-dept understanding of concepts, ingraining the lessons in their mind.

Application on Real World Problems

We transform abstract maths problems into real world scenarios so that your child can relate better and visualize mathematical concepts.

Accuracy Level & Speed

We employ  numerous mental exercises to inculcate speed and accuracy in your child.


Learning is incomplete if knowledge acquired is quickly forgotten. We therefore prioritize retention by revising exercises that have long been completed.


Maths Clues caters to K-12, i.e., from Kindergarten to grade 12.

Maths Clues specializes in offering the best maths classes online.

  • • Maths Clues offers live maths classes to students.
    • Parents register their children, and a tutor is assigned to a child.
    • 1-on-1 interactive live sessions between the student and their tutor
    • You’d need a computer and internet to join a live class
    • Parents can choose a time best convenient for their child to learn

No. All Maths Clues classes are offered online.

The tutors at Maths Clues are vetted maths experts with years of experience, having undergone rigorous training in our unique learning model.

  • Pricing starts as low as ##
  • Our pricing is very flexible according to your needs
  • Longer enrolment tenures attract price reduction
  • Maths Clues has a “no questions asked” refund policy.
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