Maths Syllabus for Grade-9

1Number systemIrrational numbers, Real numbers and their Decimal expansions Representing Real Numbers on the Number line, Operations on Real Numbers, Laws of Exponents.
Square Root Spiral
2PolynomialsPolynomials in one variable, Zeroes of a polynomial, Remainder theorem, Factor theorem, Factorization of polynomials, Algebraic Identities.
3ProbabilityProbability — A Theoretical Approach
4Lines & AnglesBasic terms and definitions, Intersecting and non-intersecting lines, pairs of angles, Parallel lines and transversal, lines parallel to the same line, Angle sum property of a triangle. 
5TrianglesCongruence of triangles, Criteria for congruence of the triangle, some properties of a triangle, Inequalities in a triangle. 
6Coordinate GeometryA cartesian system, Plotting of a point.Street Plan
 7Linear Equation in Two variablesLinear equation, Solution of a Linear Equation, Graph of a Linear Equation in Two Variables, Equations of lines parallel to the x-axis and y-axis. 
8Heron’s FormulaArea of a triangle, Application in finding an area of a quadrilateral. 
 9 StatisticsCollection of data, presentation of data, Graphical Representation of Data, Measures of Central Tendencies. 
 10 QuadrilateralsAngle sum property of a Quadrilateral, Types of Quadrilateral, Properties of a Parallelogram, Condition for a quadrilateral to be a Parallelogram, mid- Point theorem. Midpoint Theorem
11ConstructionsBasic constructions, Some construction of triangles. 
 12Area of Parallelograms and trianglesParallelograms on the same base and between same parallels, Triangles on the same base, and between same parallels. 
13Surface Area and VolumeSurface Area and volume of Combination of figure – Cube, cuboid, cylinder, sphere, and cone. Frustum 
14CirclesTheorems: Equal Chords subtend equal angles at the center, Angle subtended by an arc at the center is double the angle subtended by it at the circumference, Other theorems. Sums based on the theorems taughtThe angle subtended at the center of the circle