Mathematics is a powerful tool that helps us in understanding the working of the world. Mathematics is a core aspect of everyday life. Mathematics is a tool for us to understand the world through numbers and provides us an effective and efficient way of building physical and mental discipline. Mathematics or maths encourages the logical reasoning of the brain, critical thinking of the brain, creative thinking of the brain, abstract or spatial thinking of the brain, helps us in having the problem-solving ability, and even effective and efficient communication skills.

Many students and people struggle with maths due to fear and its challenges. It is one of the most feared and difficult subjects as per the students as they face many problems and challenges in it. Maths is a practical subject. It requires an adequate amount of training and practice with the right effort so that they start to understand the concepts of the theories. There are many students who face problems but there are students who have fun and thrill while solving maths problems. Students who challenge themselves and have fun while solving and finding answers often tend to like and get success in maths. Due to the pandemic and the situation in the world, the students are not able to get the quality education they desire and need. Students and children all over the world these days do not understand the basic workings and logic of math. The students just hop on to the new topics and forget what they learned earlier. Understanding and learning Mathematics is a tricky process because the student requires the help of an online tuition tutor who can help the student in many ways.

Parents and tutors often find it tiring and exhausting while teaching maths. It is fear that has been deep-rooted in the mind of the child about maths due to which they fear and do not get willing to learn maths. Having Maths’s anxiety is real, people often fear about the calculations and theories which they could easily learn but do not.

Let us help and tell you how to understand and learn maths easily while having fun:

Understand the Basics

Learning Mathematics is easy. It is easy when students start understanding maths instead of memorizing it. Maths is the basis of every subject and it is used in day-to-day life very frequently. Chemistry, Physics, Quantum Mechanics, Computer, etc. are the subjects while money is the best example of Maths. Students should start understanding maths by its foundations instead of jumping on topics directly like LCM and HCF, Percentages, Areas and Perimeters, Basic tricks of BODMAS, etc. When a student knows the basics and has the knowledge of the foundation it gets easier for him or her to build further on the topics provided to him or her. Understanding the basics provides the children the ability to go through the basics and work accordingly on what they know and whatnot. Basics help in clearing up the doubts and further improve the concepts and theories which underlie the subparts of mathematics. A student needs to work hard and understand the workings of  Maths.

Importance of Numbers

Students tend to memorize the concepts and theories of maths which is totally wrong. It does not work and gets difficult for a student when he or she learns and memorizes the concepts and basic things. For example, if a student memorizes the table of 8 or learns directly what is 8 × 7 then he or she might forget. During the time of an exam, a student faces anxiety and stress anyhow due to which they might forget what they memorized and create a blunder because they do not know the other ways to remember a table. Using direct information or too much information is very boring and robotic for children; they need to find fun ways and techniques for numbers. Mathematical functions do not work on memorization of concepts; it leads to confusion and messes up the theories in the minds of students.

Applications of Maths in real life

It is impossible for anyone to stop the use of maths or stop the workings of maths. The perception and understanding of maths is quite complex in trigonometry and algebra which makes students reluctant to solve and enjoy maths. The applications and theories of maths are very important. Without the knowledge of theories, students do not know how to solve questions. The theories and concepts are very important to understand. Like if a student does not know how the area of a circle or rectangle came or the perimeter of any shape then the formulas will be of no help. Simple mathematics like addition, subtraction, multiplication, etc. are easy in day-to-day life but algebra, geometry or trigonometry causes problems for students. With the help of NCERT and helping books the concepts and theories can be solved, a student should not be ashamed to look out for help from their tutors and people who could help them in the understanding of the concept.

Learn maths through Quizzes

To make math fun and easy to understand tutors and students need to look for ways and ideas by which they can have fun with maths. Drawing, painting, physical objects, and practical ideas by which students can interact make maths easy and fun to study. When a student understands how things work in maths they learn and understand easily. Students need to make sure they are not taking maths as a burden and learning through the basics. When kids understand the basics through quizzes or other mediums they tend to catch up on things easily and build upon that through live examples. For example, when a child learns addition or subtraction by objects like apples or oranges they interact with it which involves their logical and cognitive thinking ability. Mental maths, live objects, physical activity helps the students in building memory and working towards their logical brain. Quizzes help the students to interact and communicate with their peers and tutors.


Any child or student needs practice. Without practice, they cannot be successful in any subject. The best way to get better or be better in any subject is through the practice of the concepts and practice of the theory. Maths requires discipline. A student cannot understand mathematics without the discipline they need to solve problems and questions from the books. The best way to solve maths is to start from the beginning and then build upon their questions. Solving the questions will help the student in understanding and better knowledge of the theory. Examples, Fun questions, practice problems from good resources help the students in finding the answers and clarity of concepts. Due to the practice, students get clarity of concepts and a better understanding of topics which helps them in further chapters and topics.

Planning of Chapters

Mathematics cannot be learned overnight. Every student needs to understand that they need to work hard to understand any concept. When the students have a planned chart or planner of how they divide the chapters, it helps them in having a basic knowledge of their schedule and avoids confusion. To understand the subject the student needs to be cleared with the basics. Planning beforehand about the schedules and the chapters helps a student to balance their time effectively and efficiently. Planning is important for everyone and when the plan is good and works in the benefit of the student it is much better. Planning the chapters helps the children understand easily without any pressure. Students learn and understand the concepts and theories with the process of the questions with answers and how they are solved. By learning maths online it benefits the children to have planned chapters. Virtual learning is the trend but without hard work and persistence, it will not help students to balance their work.

Communication with Tutors

Online math learning gives the students an opportunity to communicate with the tutors virtually. Healthy and sound communication is needed and required between a parent, a teacher, a tutor, and a student. By communicating, tutors and students work on the issues faced by students on the concepts in school or intuitions as well. Communicating beforehand helps to manage the student plan accordingly for their sessions and be mentally ready for the classes. It helps the tutors and helpers to solve the issues raised by students. Sometimes the tutors also make students see their own mistakes by telling them to evaluate their own answers. Communication solves the issues and maintains a healthy space for both students and tutors to work effectively and efficiently. When the student communicates freely and asks all the doubts without hesitation the knowledge of the concepts gets clear. It is important for a student to ask questions without hesitation otherwise the tutor will not know the problems they are facing.

Easy Tricks

Mathematics is all about tips and tricks. There is always a shortcut to solve the question. Tutors need to make sure that the students are knowledgeable about the ways that a question can be solved. The various ways in which a question can be solved for example if a student wants to know the answer of 8 multiply 9 that is 72 he or she can also do it as 9 multiply 8 and the answer is the same. Rounding when adding, the zeroes in mind, Multiplication of 5s and many things like squares, cubes have more than one method. Easy tricks help the students in solving the questions more easily rather than going a long way and wasting their time. For example, LCM and HCF, fractions, Profit, and loss are some of the basic example questions which can be solved in one or two lines easily. Tips to solve questions effectively boost up the confidence and build the memory of the child.

Understand mistakes and setbacks

Understanding the mistakes which are made by one person is very important. Maths is a practical subject and they need to understand where they are lacking and not providing enough information. The theories and concepts all work in the same way. When a student analyzes and evaluates their own mistakes they get to the solution on their own. Without solving or knowing the entire objective, finding the answers is very difficult. Analyzing the mistakes helps the students in finding more solutions for different concepts on their own and helps in getting rid of the fear about math in their minds. When one solves the questions and rectifies the mistakes on their own it helps in boosting the morale and increases the willpower to solve more questions on their own. Students should always look for their solutions before asking the teachers.

Knowledge of Concepts

Maths is purely based on numbers and consonants. A broad understanding and knowledge are required by a student to excel in maths. Sometimes maths is hard when the basic knowledge is not present. Learning Mathematics is easy. It is easy when students start understanding maths instead of memorizing it. Maths is the basis of every subject and it is used in day-to-day life very frequently. When a student knows the basics and has the knowledge of the foundation it gets easier for him or her to build further on the topics provided to him or her. When a student reads a question they often forget that the way to solve the question is in the problem itself. The knowledge of the theory and concept is a must when solving maths with the basic concepts and theories maths is very difficult to understand.

These are a few ways to make sure that maths is easy, fun, and interesting to understand. Instead of stigmatizing maths students should understand the concepts and learn how it works and how it gets interesting. When a student will take interest in the concept it will itself get better.

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